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ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger (6S/10A/100W x 4)

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This is the ProTek R/C "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo/LiFe/NiMH AC/DC Battery Charger. A quad port AC/DC charger that can handle 6S packs, is capable of 10 amp charge rates, worldwide 110V/220V voltage versatility, with 100 Watts of power per side...the next generation of Prodigy has arrived. Backed by ProTek R/C's revolutionary customer support, the Prodigy 610 QUAD AC delivers the power you need to get your batteries charged fast and eliminates the need for an external power supply!

The Prodigy 610 QUAD AC delivers a variety of powerful, yet useful features. The Digital Power setting allows users to power additional DC powered equipment, while the Pre-Charge function gives users an opportunity to save Lithium batteries that have been discharged too far. Additionally, compatibility with all common battery types means the Prodigy 610 QUAD AC is an all in one solution for your battery management needs.

These features only scratch the surface of what the Prodigy 610 QUAD AC delivers. Pick one up and see for yourself why Protek R/C is found on the benches of some of the most respected R/C professionals in the world, including racer Atsushi Hara, pilot Tim Jones and more. The next generation has arrived. Don't get left behind.

Hi-Voltage Capable
This charger features a Hi-Voltage LiHV mode that allows you to safely charge Hi-Voltage LiHV capable batteries. You can adjust the charging end voltage of this mode up to 4.40V per cell, which is considerably higher than 4.20V per cell of an ordinary LiPo battery. Charging at this higher end voltage requires a Hi-Voltage LiHV capable battery, but the power gains are significant to the overall punch and power for the R/C model. But please note: battery voltages exceeding 4.20V per cell is prohibited from sanctioned racing rules, such as ROAR, IFMAR, etc.


Prodigy 610 QUAD AC Features:

  • QUAD Channel Digital AC/DC Balance Charger
  • Maximum 10A Charge Current, up to 100W Per Channel
  • Maximum 5A Discharge Current, up to 20W Per Channel
  • 10 Charge/Discharge Profiles
  • 110V or 220V AC Input
  • Hi-Voltage LiHV charging mode allows charging end voltage up to 4.40V
  • Pre-Charge Function to Help Restore Lithium Packs with Cells Below 3.0V
  • Digital Power Program Delivers 3V - 24V to Power Other DC Devices
  • Supports up to 6S Lithium & 15 Cell Nickel Battery Packs
  • Lithium, Nickel & Lead Acid Compatible
  • Heavy Duty XT 60 DC input Connector
  • 0.01 Balance Tolerance Range
  • Multiple Safety Functions
  • Heavy Duty Metal Case
  • Back-Light Screen
  • Efficient Heat Sink

Charger Model Prodigy 610 QUAD AC
AC Input Voltage Range AC 110V or 220V
DC Input Voltage Range DC 11.0V - 18.0V
Charge Current Range 0.1 - 10.0A
Discharge Current Range 0.1 - 5.0A
Charge Power Limit Max. 100W x4
Discharge Power Limit Max. 20W x4
Balance Current Max. 250mA
Balance Tolerance 0.01V
NiCd/NiMH Cell Count 1 - 15 Cells
Lithium Battery Types LiHV, LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe
Lithium Battery Cell Count 1 - 6 Cells
Pb Battery Voltage 2 - 20V
Digital Power 3 - 24V
Weight 1250g
Dimensions 208x170x63mm

NOTE: To determine if this charger is suitable for your application, you must perform this calculation to determine the maximum amp rate the charger can supply. Divide the Watts of the charger by the Voltage of the battery pack. This will tell you the maximum amp rate the charger can deliver (Watts / Voltage = Amps). So using the 612 QUAD AC as an example and a 6S LiPo battery pack, would be 100 Watts divided by 22.2 Volts, which equals 4.5 Amps. This means that the charger can supply a maximum of 4.5 amps to a 22.2 Volt 6S battery. This amp rate will gradually reduce as the battery voltage increases during the charge cycle.

1) DO NOT leave the battery in your model when charging
2) DO NOT leave unattended when charging
3) ALWAYS balance charge the battery
4) ALWAYS use a LiPo charging bag
5) YOU MUST use a Li-Poly specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH or NiCD only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
6) YOU MUST not over discharge the Li-Poly battery pack
7) READ &  UNDERSTAND the instructions carefully before operating this battery 


  • (1) Prodigy 610 QUAD AC Charger
  • (1) DC Power Input Cable w/XT60 Connector
  • (1) AC Power Input Cable
  • (1) JST Connector Charge Lead
  • (1) Futaba Connector Charge Lead
  • (4) T-Plug Charge Leads
  • (1) Alligator Clip Charge Lead
  • (2) Battery Clamps
  • (4) XH Type LiPo Balance Board

NOTE: Included power cord is only compatible with Type B 110V outlets. "Type E/F" (PTK-5316), "Type G" (PTK-5317), and "Type I" (PTK-5318) power cords are available and must be purchased separately.

WARNING NOTE: This charger is not compatible with Traxxas iD equipped LiPo Batteries; only Traxxas iD chargers properly charge Traxxas iD LiPo Batteries. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, use this charger to charge a Traxxas iD equipped LiPo Battery.

This product was added to our catalog on July 14, 2016

Chris Dagenais
Average Rating: 4
Monday, Jun 26 2017 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
This charger works great. Does a good job balance and storage charging which is mostly all I care about. Having the built in power supply is great so I can run it at home without an external supply or at the track off of a 12v battery. I 1have used it to charge my 4S batteries at 6.5A which is not bad, would have liked 150w per channel instead but it's still pretty good. Having 4 channels to work with is great because I never have to wait for a battery to finish before starting the next. Also great for storage charging at the end of the day.

- 4 individual channels
- comes with 4 deans charge leads
- comes with 4 balance boards
- comes with battery clamps and leads for DC as well as AC power cord for 110v
- controls are easy to use and understand
- can configure any or all charging channels as a power output at up to 24v

- DO NOT LEAVE DC (battery) LEADS CONNECTED TO CHARGER WHEN USING 110V AC POWER, despite there being no mention of this in the manual the DC input port provides the full output of the AC power supply when active, if you accidentally short the DC input leads it will blow the AC power supply (if the alligator clips touch for example). This will result in only being able to power the charger via the DC input as your AC power supply will be dead.
- cooling fan seems to run constantly even if you aren't charging and it's reasonably loud
- DC input maximum is 18v so when at the track you can't run it off of 2 deep cycle batteries in series, would have been nice to set it up to handle 24v input.

Aside from the manual missing the obvious warning regarding the ability to smoke your AC power supply by shorting the DC inputs when the AC power supply is in use I think this is a great charger. I would definitely recommend it. I would have given it 5 stars if the manual included the warning, or better yet if they had integrated a breaker to prevent this from being possible.
Glen Moody
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 9 2017 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
Excellent charger, my second. Plenty of power and it charges fast and all kinds of batteries including Hi-Voltage LiHV. It includes a wide variety of cable and adapters. Easy to use and there is a separate screen and set of controls for each port plus an On/Off switch. Great customer service and support including a one year warranty.
Clinton Hoag
Average Rating: 4
Wednesday, Sep 20 2017 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
This is the best charger I have ever used, ease of use and versatile. A few problems you should know, out of the box you can't charge anything. It doesn't come with any actual useable charge leads, you will need to buy them extra. I thought this funny for such an expensive charger and an extra 2$ wouldn't have killed them but oh well. Putting the lack of hardware aside it gives me more than enough power to run my dual para boards and have power to spare.
Luther Niheu
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 7 2017 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
GREAT CHARGER! i could charge 4 batteries at once because i dont like to paralell
Joe Claxon
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 1 2018 (12 months ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
Fielding a family of racers and only having a single 4 amp charger mad for very stressful nights at the track. That all ended when I bought this charger. Best decision ever! my life has gotten much easier and not only am i able to keep up with my families needs at the track on race night I can also charge batteries for others. I didn't go wrong buying this charger and you wont either.
Don Knapp
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 17 2019 (2 months ago)
ProTek RC "Prodigy 610 QUAD AC" LiHV/LiPo AC/DC Battery Charger
I absolutely love this Quad charger from Protek-the Prodigy 610 Quad AC LIHV/LIPO AC/DC Charger(PTK-8517). It is precise, and takes up less space when I was using two duo chargers previously. I use it primarily on DC and charge 4 batteries at a time, since I usually run two classes on race day (2WD Mod or stock and 4wd 13.5) and of different MAH capacities(3800 LCG shorty packs on 2wd Mod/Stock and 4600 Shorty packs on 13.5 4WD) After use I put them on storage charge. This has been so far a very trustworthy charger and would recommend it to anyone.