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Your question not answered below? Give us a call at 1-530-894-9082 or email us.

How do I warranty an item?

We make this easy for you. Either call and speak to your rep about the items needing warranty and we’ll handle the rest or email us at [email protected]. When emailing, please provide a part number and a brief description of what is wrong with the item.  

Why does a certain product ship from one warehouse and not the other?

There are a couple reasons certain products ship from one warehouse. The item may only be available in one  warehouse or the quantity you have in your cart is more than the current stock of the warehouse closest to your store.  

What orders qualify for free shipping?

Orders that are more than $300 and come from one warehouse are shipped for free. Split orders needing to be shipped from multiple warehouses must exceed $500 to ship for free. Please note that in rare cases orders more than $500 may incur a shipping fee because of oversized items, the order needing to be shipped in multiple boxes, and containing mostly low margin products.

Why does AMain Distributing require a $6,000 buy in and annual spend for stores?

We require a buy-in to ensure the store is a true “stocking hobby shop” and to protect our industry’s shops from people who might not have our industry’s best interests in mind. AMain also knows that well-stocked hobby shops are a integral piece of being successful—we want our shops to succeed.

What does the “SOLD OUT” button mean?

Sold out is used when our purchasing team is unsure when or if a product will return to stock. Sold out helps prevent building a long list of back orders with a product that may end up being discontinued or won’t return to stock for a long period of time.

Why are certain brands offered and not others?

The only brands displayed on the AMain Distributing website are the brands we have authorization and an agreement in place to distribute. Many brands are proprietary to their distributor.

Can I order bicycle items from you as well?

Bicycle products are only distributed to bike shops that have a brick-and-mortar store that can service cycling enthusiasts with a knowledgeable staff.

Do you offer any in-house guidance for what to buy?

Absolutely, our website features a “top selling” list of products that ranks them based on monthly volume. When utilizing the website’s search function for specific brands, the products for each brand will be sorted automatically by best sellers. This is a convenient way to find fast moving products for each brand you plan to bring in. You can always call your AMain representative to learn about the latest trends, hottest products and brand discounts.

How do I know what’s hot on your site?

We recommend that you periodically check the “Top Selling” list. Another way to know what’s popular is to search a generic term like “crawling” or “drift” and sort the products by “best selling” products. This will show you the highest moving products for that specific search term. Whenever you search for a particular brand the products will automatically be sorted by best sellers. You can always contact your rep and we’d be happy to help.

What’s new on the website?

The Just Arrived section showcases the latest products added to the AMain Distributing website. This section is updated daily. The products are in chronological order of when they were added to the site. The products at the top of the page are the most recent products added to AMain Distributing. We encourage dealers to visit this page multiple times a week to see what’s new. Tip: Select multiple bands using the filter to the left

Our web store is open for business 24 hours a day to take orders. You can also contact us directly as detailed below.

California Distribution Center
2860 Fair St
Chico, CA 95928 USA
Office Hours: 9AM - 6PM Mon - Fri

North Carolina Distribution Center
9348 D Ducks Lane Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28273 USA
Office Hours: 9AM - 6PM Mon - Fri

Corporate Offices:
1-980-500-0086 (International or Local)
Phone Hours: 8AM - 5PM PST Mon - Fri

Hobbies Distribution: 1-530-894-9082 (Intl/Local)
Cycling Distribution: 1-530-894-5034 (Intl/Local)
(7am - 6pm PST Monday to Friday)